的 number of transgenic and synthetic markers evolves constantly and rapidly. With the STELLARIS 8潜水you can keep up with these developments and adapt to existing and new fluorescent markers with just a few mouse clicks!

光谱自由度来自于正在申请专利的突破性4Tune技术,可进行非反扫描检测。 4Tune检测可让您适应全部发射并分离强重叠的光谱。

的 STELLARIS 8潜水enables you to optimally adapt to the emission of your markers – you can capture twice as much of the fluorescence signal, improve penetration depth, imaging speed and reduce phototoxicity for in vivo imaging.

的 conventional dichroics are never optimal to distinguish all fluorophores, but with the spectral detectors, this is now possible and much easier, since we can really optimize for each fluorophore the wavelengths you want to detect.

Jacco van Rheenen教授。荷兰癌症研究所,阿姆斯特丹(荷兰)。

五彩纸屑小鼠的小肠,带有荧光标记,并沿多色示踪剂追溯。沿袭的干细胞以青色(CFP),绿色(GFP),黄色(YFP)和红色(RFP)显示。图像大小约为700x700x150μm³。使用STELLARIS 8 DIVE以双光子激发进行记录。样本由阿姆斯特丹(荷兰)荷兰癌症研究所的J. van Rheenen提供。

轻松潜水– 4Tune检测器

的 4Tune非反扫描检测系统 can be equipped with 2 to 4 detectors and is freely configurable with hybrid detectors (Power HyD NDD), photomultipliers (PMTs), or a mix of both. 的 emission light is separated by a combination of variable dichroics and bandpass filters. Freely tune your detection over the whole visible spectrum (380 – 800 nm)!

的 4Tune user interface allows you to optimize the emission setting for multiple transgenic markers by simple drag and drop. Due to its clear and intuitive design, operating it is easy and requires minimal training.

借助STELLARIS 8 DIVE,您可以为每个现有的和新开发的转基因标记物做好准备,并为新的发展证明未来!

Top: 4Tune非反扫描检测系统: 1) Variable Dichroic (VD). 2) Variable Bandpass (VB). 3) Power HyD NDD or PMT. Bottom: 的 intuitive 4Tune user interface allows easy setting of the detection windows for all colors from 380 up to 800 nm.
小鼠大脑皮层,Thy1-eYFP。使用“最佳深度”设置可使穿透深度提高20%。 IRAPO 25x1.0 W motCorr。样品由DZNE波恩(德国)的光学显微镜工厂Kevin Keppler提供。


借助STELLARIS 8 DIVE,您可以进行调整以获取最深刻的见解和最佳细节。使用新的Vario Beam Expander(VBE),可以针对任何物镜独立地最佳调整所有激发光束。

的 VBE allows for optimized colocalization and the right balance of resolution and depth in line with your research question.

使用Vario Beam Expander优化深度和分辨率

徕卡Vario扩束镜VBE 结合了可调光束直径和可调散度。这为您提供最大深度,最佳分辨率和全色校正。


STELLARIS 8潜水可让您适应您的样品要求。使用Vario Beam Expander,您可以选择:最大分辨率-由物镜的后照明完全照亮而产生-最大化穿透深度-由后孔稍微不足而产生。欠孔填充不足会导致更大的焦距和更短的光程,从而导致更有效的激发。


Our IR APO objectives do not suffer from chromatic aberations over the IR range. However, with STELLARIS 8潜水you are ready to use objective lens suitable for IR along with multiple IR laser lines: 的 Vario Beam Expander can be used to correct for chromatic shifts and enable meaningful multicolor experiments.



在单个实验中激发多个转基因标记 分色。甚至可以在有限的衍射范围内进行局部高精度光处理和同时成像。 STELLARIS 8潜水最多可同时配备3条激励线。借助可调谐至1300 nm的激光,您甚至可以将红色和远红色染料用于多光子实验。波长越高,散射越少,可以穿透更深,并产生来自深层的充满细节的明亮图像。


五彩纸屑小鼠小肠,具有荧光标记,并沿多色示踪剂追溯。灰色表示来自胶原蛋白的SHG信号。沿袭的干细胞以青色(CFP),绿色(GFP),黄色(YFP)和红色(RFP)显示。图像大小约为700x700x150 µm³。使用SP8 DIVE以双光子激发进行记录。样本由阿姆斯特丹(荷兰)荷兰癌症研究所的J. van Rheenen提供。


4Tune可以完全利用STELLARIS FALCON(FAstLifetime CONtrast)和TauSense进行荧光寿命成像(FLIM)。




野生型斑马鱼胚胎的自体荧光多光子成像。终身对比由不同的辅因子和维生素给出。在这种情况下,NADH(游离蛋白结合),类维生素A和FADH(游离蛋白结合)。激发:740nm。发射:501-580 nm。样品提供:南加州大学洛杉矶分校的Francesco Cutrale。


For behavioral experiments, equip your STELLARIS 8潜水with the DM8 CS microscope stand with extended workspace. 的 DM8 CS is mounted on a cascaded table which can be customized to your experimental requirements. 的 microscope stand provides you with the spatial flexibility for large and complex setups.

的 STELLARIS 8潜水with the DM8 CS microscope stand enables you to perform experiments such as the monitoring of brain activities on awake animals.

的 STELLARIS 8潜水with the DM8 CS microscope stand, which is mounted on a cascaded table, offers extended workspace for behavioral research.

的 SP8 DIVE with the DM8 CS microscope stand, which is mounted on a cascaded table, offers extended workspace for behavioral research.


与我们的专家交谈。 我们很高兴回答您的所有问题。



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